Since 1952 the Arenys de Mar Yacht Club has been an entity focused on promoting maritime sport and culture, organizing races and providing activities and services designed for everbody. The Club is located in the safe haven harbour's north of Barcelona and well situated for the convenience of yachtmen. Costa Brava is only 13 miles away, Barcelona is 22 miles south and we are just 100 miles away from Balearics. 



By training sailors from all ages through an official sailing school aproved by the Catalan sailing federation.

By organizing official and social races up to national championship level both in dinghy sailing and cruises to promote the competition and enjoy maritime sports.


With a stable port facilities that guarantee the security of the boats in any weather condition. 

With the Port Master and his shore crew being in charge of your safety and comfort 24/7 for the whole year.


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With the satisfaction, the contentment and ease from the members to engage in the social activities of the Club.

With social and economic events to enrich the area's liveliness. 


By establishing a sense of familiarity, leisure and tranquility and allowing you to live new experiences. 

By supplying the best nautical, gastronomic and social services.

The Club Board

  • President - Carles Ubach i Nualart

  • Vicepresident i Secretari : Rafael Carbonell Pujol

  • Treasurer - Juan Ignacio Twose Roura

  • Comodore - Òscar Bachero Lloret

  • Chairperson - Jordi Canals Caballé

  • Chairperson - Josep Mª Monjo Larrañaga

  • Chairperson - Santiago Twose Roura

Crew and managing team

  • Director - Pilar Rodríguez

  • Director Sports area: Mònica Azón

  • Shoremaster (boatswain) - Andros Hernàndez

  • Account services - Olga Oriol

  • Marketing - Laura Pedrero / Corinna Whener

  • Base nàutica (BNAM): Ferran Martínez